Valken Annex MI-9 Mask Review

Valken Annex MI9 Mask Review

Color and design options – Red/Olive/Black/Blue/White/Tan

Comfort Level – Good

Field of Vision – 260 Degrees Horizontal. 160 Degrees Vertical

Peripheral vision – Medium

Anti-Fog – Yes. With dual pane lenses

UV Protection – No (But optional purchase upgrade possible)

Scratch Protection – Yes

Ear protection – Yes

Eyeglasses compatibility – Eyeglasses will fit under the mask,with a snug fit

Strap width – 1.5′ Inches

Air soft compatible – Yes! (at this price, it is amazing)

Cost~$50 at

Weight – Medium

Changeable lens – Yes. 30 seconds


  • Scratch protection at just a $50 price point
  • Dual pane lenses are great to prevent fogging
  • Collapsible bottom skirting at a $50 price point
  • Lens change out in just 30 seconds
  • Excellent foam padding for great comfort
  • Foam barrier to protect against fogging
  • Includes a detachable visor that comes in handy when the sun is out glaring at you

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  • Collapsible bottom isn’t as flexible as on other masks
  • Can get a little snug for anyone with a large face or head
  • Clear lens has a slight yellowish tint to it
  • Aiming down sights with a scope can be tough to do
  • Can fog after extended usage or if you breathe very heavily into it
  • Tan color is more brown than tan

Valken Annex MI9 Closeup

The Valken Annex MI-9 Mask has a lot to impress you with, especially when making you pay only $50 for it. Features like scratch protection, collapsible bottom skirting and a visor are typically not features that you will see in a $50 mask.

The lens change out is excellent on this mask and all you will need is a quarter or any other coin. 30 seconds to pull out the lens and another 30 seconds to pop new ones in.

The lens change out is going to be useful as the mask does tend to fog after a few hours of use. Or, it fogs when you breathe very heavily into it or play in very hot weather. But, by picking up a couple of lenses for about $30 to $40 more, you essentially have a brand new mask every 1 or 2 hours should you want, thanks to the cool $50 starting price point of this mask.

The lens gives you 160° of vertical vision and 260° of horizontal vision, resulting in a great field of vision. There are not a lot of starter masks or budget paintball masks that offer this level of spectrum when it comes to field of vision. They are quite similar to the Valken MI 7, with the major difference being that the older MI 7 doesn’t feature a collapsible bottom.

To conclude, the Valken MI-9 Mask is a fantastic mask with both great performance and comfort. It comes in a nice little box that you can use to store it safely, when not using it out on the field.

At $50, there aren’t many masks that can beat out this mask in terms of the performance and comfort features on offer.

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