Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Vs Empire Axe 2.0

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Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Vs Empire Axe 2.0

The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Vs Empire Axe 2.0 is like one of those races that ends with a photo finish. They are both fantastic guns, at around the same price point and with very similar kind of features. It’s difficult to pick between the two.

The Etha 2 is very attractive because it comes with some very nice features that you don’t get with the Axe. For starters, the Etha 2 comes with a very nice carrying case that will allow you to store your gun safely. Granted, the case isn’t a hard case one, but Empire doesn’t give you a case at all. At close to $500, it’s nice to have a case.

Both these markers feature a 14+ inch 2-piece barrel. Unless you are looking for really superior performance, the stock barrels are probably more than enough on either one of these markers.

Both guns have distinct advantages over the other. For example, the Etha 2 gives you a quieter shot. If you are the type of Woodsball or bunker player that bides your time and makes your shots count, the Etha 2 is a much better choice as it will allow you to keep your position for longer. The Axe 2.0 isn’t loud, but it definitely isn’t as quite as the Etha 2.

The Etha 2 is also lighter, despite being a longer gun. Also, despite being light, the Etha 2 feels incredibly robust, thanks to the very strong nylon composite build that can take quite a beating. There’s actually YouTube videos of people throwing the Etha 2 around, burying it in snow and then picking it up and shooting it flawlessly. It has that kind of a reputation.

There’s little things to like in the Etha 2 as well. If you are left handed, you won’t have to awkwardly pop your head to the other side of the gun to see the LED indicator, like when you check the battery. They designed the LED indicator in such a way that you can see it from either side. In the Axe 2.0, the light is a bit harder to see, as it is sort of tucked into the inside of your fore grip.

The Etha 2 has a feed neck that allows you to use PAL Enabled feeders. These special feeders, in case you didn’t know, allow you to use a hopper without batteries to feed your marker with up to 15 balls per second. This essentially means that you can max out your BPS without an electronic hopper. Planet Eclipse must have thought that this marker will be picked up by those who use a lot of paint. This is the reason why they have also included a lock n’ load battery mechanism where it will take you only a few seconds to swap out batteries, without any tools.

With the Axe 2.0, you have a paintball marker that borrows a lot of good things from the Mini GS and the Axe Pro and also the Axe 1.0. The bolt system is very quickly removable, without tools. A lot of the gun’s core components are actually externally serviceable. If you are very hands on with your gun, always keeping it in top shape, you will probably lean towards the Axe 2.0.

The Axe 2.0 comes with an ASA regulator with on/off switch but for some reason they have eliminated the air pressure indicator. This is a very odd move from Empire, especially for a marker of this caliber. But it is what it is.

With the Etha 2, you get a one year warranty and great customer service. With the Axe, you get Empire’s industry defining customer service that basically gives you a lifetime warranty. As long as your Axe 2.0 isn’t malfunctioning from wear and tear, Empire will help you in some way or another.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Vs Empire Axe 2.0 – Conclusion?

We would say that it all comes down to personal preference. The Etha 2 is a longer gun. Some people like the more substantial feel that allows them to rest the marker comfortably on their shoulder. If you are a bigger person, you will probably like how the Etha 2 sits against your shoulder. If you are of a smaller build, you will probably like the more compact Axe 2.0.

Similarly, if quick battery change and use of a mechanical hopper appeal to you, the Etha 2 probably makes more sense. If cleaning out and maintaining your bolt is of prime importance to you, the Axe 2.0 will probably better suit your needs.

Also, when it comes to budget, the Etha 2 lets you save about $50 when compared to what you would shell out for an Axe. That $50 can so easily get you a magnetic trigger that will soup up your Etha 2 even more. But, if you have bought guns from Empire before, you probably love their undying commitment to customer service. Of course, the Axe 2.0 is a tremendous gun as well.

Both guns shoot well on low pressure, with maybe the Axe 2.0 nudging out the Etha 2 in that department.

So, just run through this post again and go with your gut as to what will make more sense to you personally! We hope we helped you make that decision!