Planet Eclipse Etha 2.0 Vs Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R

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Planet Eclipse Etha 2.0 Vs Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R

The Planet Eclipse Etha 2.0 Vs GTEK 170R is not exactly a fair battle. The Etha 2 retails for about $429 while the GTEK 170R costs more than $300 more, at $799. But, you wanted a comparison and that is what we will give you!

To begin with, here’s a surprising fact. Both markers use the same Gamma Core Spool Valve Drivetrain. You would think that the GTEK uses something better than what the Etha does, to justify the +$300 price point. But, the fact is that the Gamma Core firing bolt has been so phenomenally successful that Planet Eclipse stuck to the same bolt across its mid-range and high-end guns. The Gamma Core is a workhorse. Shot after shot, game after game and season after season, it will serve you unfailingly.

There are of course a lot of differences between the two markers. The Etha 2.0 comes in a decent soft carrying case while the GTEK comes wrapped in a very nice hard case that is quite the eye candy to look at.

The accessories with both markers is about the same. Barrel sleeves, lube, o-rings, Allen keys and user manuals. These are standard with both markers.

Coming back to the markers themselves, the GTEK 170R has an all metal build, made out of high quality aluminum. The Etha 2.0 is made out of very rough nylon composite. Both are very durable. But the GTEK 170R with its metal build obviously has a more premium feel to it.

Despite having an all metal build, the GTEK beats out the Etha 2.0 in weight, coming out about 14% lighter!

While the Etha 2.0 gives you tool less bolt removal that needs unscrewing, the GTEK comes with a snap release system that will save you precious seconds in the middle of the game. The Etha 2.0 also gives you tool less battery release while the GTEK gives you tool less access to almost everything, including eye covers, detent, battery and the drive train.

The GTEK has been very cleverly designed. With all critical components housed carefully on the underside of the frame’s top, there’s no messy disconnections or uninstalls that you have to do to separate the frame and the body. This makes it a maintenance dream. The Etha 2.0 isn’t bad either, when it comes to taking the gun apart. But the GTEK is definitely a clear winner here.

If you were worried about the old GTEK AT line, where air was directed through the trigger frame onto the fore grip and into the drive train, you can breathe easy now. There’s no AT line anymore! Instead the hose less system is completely routed through the grips. What’s interesting is that the battery moves from the grips to the fore grip in the GTEK, with a long wire neatly connecting the two points.

Both markers use POPS ASA, with the difference being that the GTEK gives you convenient velocity adjustment that you can increase or decrease with a few turns of a provided Allen key.

Barrels are about the same on both markers. With 14.5′ 2-piece barrels on both, the GTEK has a slight edge in the sense that it is a Shaft 5 threaded barrel, giving you some great upgrade potential, should you be looking at aftermarket barrels.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2.0 Vs Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R – Conclusion?

Like we said earlier, this ain’t a fair battle. The GTEK 170R is clearly the superior gun. Why? Because it is lighter and easier to take apart, with critical components housed more safely than in the Etha 2.0. In other words, it will take a lot of effort for you to make the GTEK 170R malfunction.

That being said, the Etha 2.0 is no mug when it comes to durability. Made out of very durable nylon composite, it is a fantastically durable gun that is also fairly easy to take apart.

To pick between the two, we would just suggest that you go with what makes the most budget sense to you. If $799 is stretching it a bit too far, go for the Etha 2. It’s an easy decision at that price, as it compares very well to similarly priced guns like the Axe 2.0. If money ain’t a problem for you, why not a GTEK 170R. It is a marker that will literally last you a lifetime!