Paintball Guns for Kids – Great Gift Ideas

Paintball isn’t just for adults. Kids can enjoy it too. Before you read our recommendations for paintball guns for kids, we must tell you that it is important that kids must wear good paintball gear, especially a paintball mask, if they are going to playing paintball even once.

That being said, let’s take a look at the best paintball guns for kids, specifically made for children!

Here are a few things parents must know before you buy these paintball guns for kids;

  • Paintballs are biodegradable and can be cleaned up with just water, even if the paint is on the kid’s clothes
  • The speed of the paintball shot by these paintball guns is meant for kids and will not be the same as for adults
  • Please make your children use masks to ensure maximum safety when they play paintball

Best paintball guns for kids in 2021

JT SplatMaster z200 Duel Shotgun Style Paintball guns for kids, with mask and paintballs

JT Splatmaster paintball guns for kids with mask and with paintballsThe JT SplatMaster z200 is the best paintball gun for kids for a couple of reasons.

First of all, the gun doesn’t need batteries or air. So, you don’t have to worry about gas refills or batteries running out and ruining the fun for your kids.

What you will also immediately like about this paintball gun for children is that it was made specifically for kids. With a simple pump action, kids can enjoy fantastic paintball gun action, shooting paintballs up to 100 feet, although accuracy fades off after about 50 feet.

The very reasonably priced package ships with two high quality JT SplatMaster masks and 2 packs of JT SplatMaster paintballs, giving you 1,000 paintballs in total. That’s hours and hours of non stop fun. The JT Splat Master can hold about 15 paintballs at a time.

The pump action required to engage the gun’s spring is something a little child can handle. It is smooth and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Should you want extra paintballs after the 1,000 paintballs run out for this gun, please be sure to buy .50 caliber paintball guns. There’s a ton of brands you can choose from, from sites like Amazon.

Buy the JT SplatMaster Duel paintball gun kit for children, from Amazon.

P.S. If you don’t want the duel kit and just want a single piece of the JT Splatmaster shotgun paintball gun for kids, you may purchase just the single gun here.

JT SplatMaster Duel Pistol Style Paintball Guns for Kids

JT SplatMaster duel pistol style paintball guns for childrenWhile the guns showcased above are shotgun-styled paintball guns for kids, these JT SplatMaster guns are pistol-styled. Again, this is a two-pack, making it a great gift for a couple of kids or for a child with a friend who also wants to play paintball.

Like the shotgun guns discussed above, these pistols also come with 1,000 paintballs and a couple of high-quality paintball masks meant for children.

Again, these pistols do not use air or CO2 or batteries. They just require a cock action to engage the spring that will shoot off the paintballs.

Buy the JT SplatMaster Duel Pistol paintball gun kit for kids, from Amazon

P.S. If you don’t want the duel pistol kit and would rather just buy one, you can do so here. But, when buying the single gun, you will not get the mask and paintballs that you get with the package showcased above.

JT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Paintball Pistol for Kids

JT ER2 Pump Pistol paintball gun for kidsUnlike the other two guns discussed above, the JT ER2 uses CO2 cartridges. This means that kids can enjoy the power that is stronger than what the above-discussed pump-action or cocked type paintball guns for kids can manage.

This pistol is also different in the sense that it shoots .68 caliber paintballs, which are larger than the .50 caliber used in the modes discussed above.

You get 30 paintballs in three little pods and you also get 2 12 gram CO2 cartridges that will give you about 300 shots or so.

If you think your kid is going to be playing a lot of paintball, it makes sense to buy a few extra CO2 cartridges and also few paintballs along with this kit, so the don’t run out of fun!

Good CO2 cartridges like this one from Crosman cost just $7 for a 15 pack. As for paintballs, they are also relatively inexpensive. For example, this 2,000 count .68 caliber paintballs pack costs less than $40.

Buy the JT ER2 Pump Pistol CO2 powered paintball pistol for kids, from Amazon.

Beginner level paintball guns can also be a good fit for kids

If the paintball gun for kids you are looking for is for a kid about to enter their teens, you can seriously consider buying them a full-size paintball gun that will give them access to a lot of fun. Guns like the Tippmann Cronus are entry level paintball guns that are great for kids. They cost just around $100.

While they are super fun to shoot, they are also super fun to modify, as your kid can change the look of the gun in many different ways, by removing or adding parts to the mod-friendly gun.  For more beginner guns like the Tippmann Cronus, we recommend that you read our paintball gun buying guide at Paintball Gun Doc.