JT Spectra Flex 8 Mask Review

JT Spectra 8 Mask Review

Color and design options – Olive Green / Black

Comfort Level – High

Field of Vision – Very good (260 Degree Vision)

Peripheral vision – Very high

Anti-Fog – Yes, Double Lens (Fogs very, very lightly, but can be eliminated with fan mod)

UV Protection – No

Scratch Protection – No

Ear protection – Yes (But ear lobe slightly exposed)

Eyeglasses compatibility – Difficult to wear over glasses, but comfortable once on

Strap width – n/a

Air soft compatible – Yes

Cost – ~$67 at Amazon.com

Weight – Light

Changeable lens – Yes. But requires almost 5 minutes!


  • Low profile allows you to get close to sights
  • Very light and comfortable to wear, despite offering full face protection
  • Fantastic airflow to keep you cool
  • Offers full face protection, with neck protection
  • Fantastic anti-fog lenses for a mask in the sub $70 price range
  • Comes with a nice little storage bag for safe and easy storage

Buy the JT Spectra 8 Full Head Mask with Great Anti-Fog Lenses NOW, at Amazon.


  • Can be too small for anyone with an above average sized head
  • Leaves a little bit of ear lobe exposed, especially if you have a large melon
  • Lenses can fog just a little after many hours of use, but fog can be wiped away instantly

JT Spectra 8 Flex Mask Closeup

With a 260° field of vision and a very light and comfortable profile, the JT Spectra 8 is a great mask for less than $70. However, we will tell you right off the bat that this is one of the smaller masks out there. If you have an above average head size, even if by only a little, we don’t recommend this mask at all.

But, if your head fits into it fine, you will find that this is one cool mask, literally. It features a very unique dual fusion co-molding technology venting system that allows hot air to be quickly exchanged out with cooler air from the outside.

You just have to try out this mask to understand how much cooler it can keep you than  other masks in a similar price range or even in higher price brackets.

The cooling or venting system also helps with the anti-fog feature of this goggle. A small amount of fog only appears after several hours of use, if it appears at all. Even if you are a heavy breather or someone who doesn’t have a breathing system that minimizes fog, you can still not have these lenses fog by using an exhaust fan that can easily be housed into the jaw line. An exhaust fan like the Vortex 2 fan system will easily fit into this helmet.

Lens swap out takes a laborious few minutes but then you can’t expect a whole lot better from a mask in this price range. For really quick change out of lenses, you generally need to spend upwards of $100 for a mask.

To conclude, we highly recommend the JT Spectra 8 if you are after a full face mask that covers your forehead and neck, even if it leaves a little bit of your ear lobes exposed. There are not many full face masks out there that stay cool and prevent fog, like this JT mask.

Just remember that it isn’t one to choose if you have a larger than average sized head. Otherwise, it is a fantastic buy if you only want to spend about $70 on a mask. Check it out on Amazon here.