Empire EVS Paintball Mask / Thermal Goggles Review

Empire EVS Mask Review

Color and design options – Grey/Cyan, Black/Lime, Black, Black/Gold, White/Red Total 10 combinations

Comfort Level – Very, very high

Field of Vision – Very,very good (270 Degree Vision)

Peripheral vision – Very high

Anti-Fog – Yes, Double Lens

UV Protection – Yes

Scratch Protection – Yes

Ear protection – Yes . Very comfortable and soft but thick foam protection

Eyeglasses compatibility – Very easy to wear over glass

Strap width – 2′ with silicone beading

Air soft compatible – Yes

Cost – ~$150 at Amazon.com

Weight – Light

Changeable lens – Yes. 30 seconds to a minute


  • Can be made into a high-tech mask with HUD wearable by buying the Recon SNOW2
  • A great paintball mask for those large headed paintball players who can’t find a decent mask
  • Amazing view! Even though it only has a 270° compared to the 290° in the i5 and i4, the aesthetics of the view are simply excellent
  • Foam lining can be replaced when worn out, extending the life of the mask
  • High-end mask with full face coverage, something the higher-priced i5 and i4 don’t offer
  • Tool free lens change out requiring just about half a minute
  • Jaw protection is made out of a flexible skirt that encourages paintball bounces
  • Excellent ear protection
  • Triple density foam wicks away moisture, heat and prespiration
  • Clear lenses shipped with mask are scratch-resistant, with UV protection and excellent eye protection
  • Does not fog
  • Comes with a nice micro-fiber drawstring bag for protected storage
  • Provides very comfortable ear protection, especially if your previous masks pinch your ears

Buy the Stunning Empire EVS Thermal Paintball Goggles from Amazon, NOW


  • Only ships with clear lenses. Smokey and mirror lenses are an extra purchase
  • The lens can be a little difficult to remove the first few times until you get used to it

Please note that an important takeaway from this Empire EVS Paintball Mask review is that the mask is only shopped with a clear thermal lens. A lot of Amazon buyers have been peeved after receiving a clear lens because they were expecting a smoked or mirrored finish after seeing Amazon’s product listing. If you are looking for a smoked or mirrored lens finish, we highly recommend that you choose the Dye Precision i5 or i4 lenses that can be bought in a very specific lens finish of your choice.

But, if you need a clear finish on your lens, the EV5 is a fantastic choice. It is particularly good for those with a large face and for those who have had trouble finding a mask that will comfortably fit over their face.

The bottom of the mask is made out of a soft, flexible and collapsible plastic material that is designed to bounce off paintballs, to give you longevity in the game. Since you are going to be peeking out with just your head while in hiding positions, there’s a good chance that this bounce off effect will keep you in the game for longer than a mask without this collapsible bottom. The ample ventilation in this collapsible section of the mask keep your mask cool, with heat dissipating quickly. Voice communications also carry out very well.

Empire EVS Paintball mask with HUD Display reviewEmpire have also tied up with Recon Instruments to give you one of the most exciting HUD systems that you can expect from a paintball mask, if you can afford the extra dough for the Recon SNOW2 wearable. When used with the Recon Engage App, the Empire EVS mask and its HUD will show you an interactive map with real time positions of your team mates. If you want to go full cyborg soldier types, you can also pair this with the Empire Vanquish paintball marker that will link to the HUD via Bluetooth, giving you ammo, fire rate and other critical paintball gun information, in real time and in the most exciting way you can ever imagine.

To sum up this Empire EVS Paintball Mask review, we will say that it is the mask to get if you are going to be buying a HUD display for it in the future, or maybe even now. Check it out on Amazon here.