Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask Review

Empire E-Flex Paintball GogglesColor and design options -Black/White/Grey

Comfort Level – Very High

Field of Vision – 270 Degree View Very Good

Peripheral vision – Very High

Anti-Fog – Yes, Dual Pane Thermal Anti-Fogging Lens (Clear)

UV Protection – No (But optional purchase upgrade possible)

Scratch Protection – No

Empire E-Flex Color OptionsEar protection – Yes (Very Comfortable thick foam, with excellent hearing)

Eyeglasses compatibility – Eyeglasses will fit under the mask,very easily

Strap width – 2 Inches

Air soft compatible – No

Cost~$89 at Amazon.com

Weight – Very Light

Changeable lens – Yes. 30 Seconds to a minute, depending on your skill


  • Great field of vision at 270°
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Excellent anti-fog protection for the price you pay
  • Collapsible bottom for great aiming while prone
  • Zero or minimum distortion lenses
  • Easy to breathe in


  • Fairly large mask that isn’t suitable for small heads
  • Large size increases your visibility profile
  • Some players might feel a nose pinch
  • Lens change sometimes causes little plastic assembly parts to pop, parts that can be put back easily, but also can be lost in the heat of battle

Buy the Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask at Amazon, available in three color options

At $79.99 or its thereabouts, the Empire E-Flex is a fantastically priced mask that gives great bang for the bucks you pay. What most players love about this mask is how comfortably it fits. Breathability is excellent. Because breathability is excellent, fogging is not a issue with this mask.

When you do breath very hard, the double pane lenses do a good job of keeping fog away, or at least to a unnoticeable bare minimum. It’s a great mask for woodsball as it will allow you to take uncomfortable prone positions, even lean on your paintball gun’s stock and still not shift the wear position of the mask, thanks to the collapsible bottom. Also great for speedball as it will allow you to take hits at the face, without feeling the sting that other masks at this price range can sometimes let pass through.

Empire E-Flex paintball mask with collapsible bottomThe ear protection on this mask is also something that is worthy of a special mention. The comfort over the ears is very good and shots to the ear, even at point blank range, are very well received.

The E-Flex also allows for excellent voice in and out, so you can hear everything and be heard as well. There is no echo that you have to listen to.

The only major downside is a problem that might crop up when you have to change the lens mid-game. While the lens is easy enough to change, if you are not careful, you can end up popping out a couple of plastic parts that can fall to the floor. Depending on the terrain or circumstances you are playing in, picking up these plastic parts can be virtually impossible, essentially leaving you without parts that will securely hold your lens in place. We would recommend that you do a few practice runs with the lens change before you do it in a live game environment. Avoid the butter fingers!

If you are Ok without full head protection and like a mask that is very easy to breathe, allows you to see as much as the Dye i5 mask does and also gives you the luxury of leaning against your gun’s stock without shifting the mask, the Empire E-Flex is a no-brainer. Available in 3 different color options.

Buy the Empire E-Flex, choosing from one of 3 color options, at Amazon!