Dye i5 Mask Review

Dye i5 Mask Review

Dye i5 Colors – 30 Different Color + Visor Variations!

Comfort Level – Very, very high

Field of Vision – 290 Degrees! Extremely Good

Peripheral vision – Very high

Anti-Fog – Yes, Unfoggable!

UV Protection – Yes

Scratch Protection – Yes

Ear protection – Yes – Padded with Micro-Fiber cloth

Dye i5 glasses compatibility – Yes (Very comfortable to wear over and use as well)

Strap width – GSR – Pro-Strap. Turn the dial to tighten! No loop adjusting!

Air soft compatible – Yes

Cost – ~$179.95 at Amazon.com

Weight – Extremely lightweight (Possibly the lightest mask out there!)

Changeable lens – Yes, under 10 seconds


  • Foam padding can be replaced with a new snap-on foam
  • Simply unbeatable when it comes to comfort
  • Lens change out can be done incredibly quickly
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Amazingly easy to adjust straps
  • Fantastic field of vision, with the most peripheral vision on offer
  • Soft Touch Multi-Layer Foam absorbs a lot of sweat
  • Easily mount your camera or an e.VOKE Wireless Air Sync

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  • Expensive!
  • Does not protect forehead and the back of the head
  • Might be a bit too big for a small head

Dye i5 Mask Closeup

Reviewing the Dye i5 is like reviewing a Rolls Royce. At a price point so high, the manufacturers have no excuse to leave any stone not turned when it comes to satisfying customer wants. And this Dye mask has done exactly that.

If you see the cons we have listed, it isn’t exactly complaints about the product itself but rather complaints about how it doesn’t match certain personal preferences. Yes, it is expensive, but you get a ton of features. Also, remember that the Dye i5 helmet comes with a easily replaceable snap-on foam kit. With most paintball players dumping a mask because the foam layer has started to disintegrate, the Dye i5 goggles gives you a way to use this mask forever, by simply buying a foam replacement kit.

As for the other cons, yes, it doesn’t offer full head protection, but most paintball players who want this mask don’t seem to care. And yes, it doesn’t fit small heads. But it is more of a loss for players with small heads as they can’t use this incredible paintball mask.

dye i5 mask review multi layer soft foamWhat first hits you when you wear this mask is the way the incredibly soft foam sits on your face. Though it gives you a premium feel, the comfort, protection and wear quality is simply supreme and unlike anything else you might have felt before.

The foam is great at absorbing sweat as well. This is probably one of the reasons why this mask simply cannot be fogged up, because it keeps sweat contained in the foam rather than let it out into the mask that will then create condensation related problems that eventually lead to fogging problems.

dye i5 mask review GSR Pro StrapThe GSR Dye i5 strap is a thing of beauty. While most paintball masks come with straps that will have at least have a couple of “pinch” points, the GSR strap does a fantastic job of distributing the hold so evenly that you feel an extremely gentle grip when you wear this mask. But, despite its delicateness, the hold is solid and won’t budge even if you tumble, crawl and writhe your way through a difficult paintball field. The ratchet type adjustment using a single hand gives you a fantastic way to quickly secure your mask in place, should it ever come off or should you remove it to quickly catch a breath of fresh air.

If you are the type of paintball player that like technology, you will love how you can simply slip in the Dye i5 eVOKE wireless air sync into your mask, giving yourself the power of fantastic audio alerts. The POV camera mount is brilliant as well. dye i5 mask review e.voke compatibilityUnlike other masks that give you a POV mount that is positioned in a rather odd position, the Dye i5’s mount is as “POV” as it gets, as it sits right in your line of sight, without affecting your vision of course.

An anatomic fit and design, ASTM certification, super rapid lens change, advanced ear protection without affecting audio inputs and a very wide variety of style and visor choices just give you a thousand reasons to buy the Dye i5 paintball mask.

Though expensive, it might be the only paintball mask you will ever have to buy, in your entire life!

If $179 isn’t a problem as a spend, buy the i5 with your eyes closed! Buy it on Amazon here. There’s not many people who buy an i5 paintball mask to then even come close to regretting their decision!