Dye i4 Vs i5 – What’s Different?

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Dye i4 Vs i5 – Paintball Mask Wars

Both the Dye i4 and the Dye i5 are fantastic masks. They are both so good that buyers are often left confused about which one of these masks they should ultimately buy. If you just searched for Dye i4 Vs i5 or something along those lines, you probably have the same conundrum.

Our post will hopefully help you pick a winner you can gladly buy!

i5 Has Replaceable Foam – i4 Doesn’t

The i5 has a foam insert that can be very easily removed and replaced. There’s plenty of foam kits for the i5 as well. It takes just seconds to swap out and you are good to go. Replaceable foam in our opinion is very important as it will be a shame to throw out a perfectly good mask, simply because the foam is worn out.

The i4 unfortunately doesn’t have replaceable foam. You can still rip out the old foam and even use an i5 foam insert with a DIY job that involved glue, some basic tools and some patience, but the fact is that it doesn’t come with replaceable foam.

i5 Has a Turn Dial Adjustable Dial Strap – i4 Doesn’t

The i5 has a phenomenal turn dial strap that you can just turn clockwise and counterclockwise to tighten or loosen the strap. This is a great feature for quickly taking off your mask to get some fresh air and putting it back on to quickly tighten it up again, in a couple of seconds. With the i4, it’s the usual loop deal that you manipulate with your fingers.

i5 Offers Some Chin Protection – i4 Doesn’t

The i5 is larger than the i4. The extra surface area has mostly been provided in the chin area. While the i5 might still not fully protect your chin, it does a much better job than the i4 which can leave your chin exposed, especially if you have a prominent jaw line.

i4 Vs i5 – Other Differences

There’s some other differences other than the major ones listed above. The i5 lets your voice be carried better than when wearing the i4. Incoming sounds also gets through better on the i5.

The i5 is also compatible with the e.VOKE wireless system which will allow you to see things like shot tracking, eliminations and paint supply in your mask, if you use a Dye paintball gun like the M2 or M3, with MOSAir. The i5 also has a built in mount for your GoPro camera should you want to hook one up.

Now, the majority of this Dye i4 Vs i5 post might have sounded like it went i5’s way. But, what you must remember is that there’s a difference of $50 or more between the two masks. If the price you pay is very important to you, the i4 can look pretty damn attractive as it is pretty much the same as the i5 without the turn dial strap, slightly larger coverage and replaceable foam feature.

So, to conclude, we would say that choosing between the i5 or the i4 would strictly come down to your personal preference on the type of features that you want out of your mask. If money isn’t an issue, go for the i5. You can’t go wrong with it.

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