Dye i4 Mask Review

Dye i4 Mask Review

Color and design options – 25 Different Options!

Comfort Level – Very, very high

Field of Vision – 290 Degrees! Extremely Good

Peripheral vision – Very high

Anti-Fog – Yes, Unfoggable!

UV Protection – Yes

Scratch Protection – Yes

Ear protection – Yes

Eyeglasses compatibility – Yes (Very comfortable to wear over and use as well)

Strap width – 1.5 inches

Air soft compatible – Yes

Cost – ~$139.95 at Amazon.com

Weight – Extremely lightweight (Possibly the lightest mask out there!)

Changeable lens – Yes, under 10 seconds


  • Low profile with fantastic field of vision
  • Lens change takes just 10 seconds
  • Compound radius lens with very high anti-fog performance
  • 290° of vision, including fantastic horizontal and vertical peripheral vision
  • Patented multi-directional scream venting allows your voice to be carried far
  • Anatomically designed to comfortably fit any shape face
  • 300 thread count strap with tiger teeth provides comfortable and secure fit
  • Fantastic ear protection, thanks to compression foam
  • Dual stage foam wicks away sweat and heat

Bye the Dye i4 Paintball Thermal Goggles at Amazon NOW, a steal at $109.


  • Can leave your jaw a little exposed if you open your mouth wide
  • Can be a little small for people with large heads
  • Leaves forehead and back of the head exposed
  • A small % of users have said that they received scratched lenses (But Amazon will fix this for you)

The Dye Precision i4 mask is an automatic choice if you can’t afford the more feature oriented i5. It features the same anatomic design that is largely used in the i5 as well. Even if you have a peculiar shaped face, fitting under this mask isn’t going to be a problem. There is ample room for those who wear glasses as well.

Dye i4 mask review. Tiger Teeth strap adjustmentThe 1 1/2 inch straps, though not as convenient as the GSR strap on the i5, is a very comfortable strap that can be easily adjusted with the tiger teeth locking mechanism. The retention style design strap is not as laborious to adjust as the straps on other masks that sell for as much as the i4. It also holds its own even in tough paintball conditions, with a lot of movement that can otherwise lead to a loosened face mask.

The lens change out mechanism is also same as the one  you see in the i5. With good practice and familiarity, a lens change out on the i4 should not take you longer than 10 seconds. Seasoned paintballers, especially speedball players will know how important this feature is. The i4’s lens provides great peripheral vision on both the horizontal and vertical aspects. Though the extra real estate on your lens might not look obviously bigger when you first wear it, you will notice that you can detect movement earlier than while wearing other masks.

The hard coat lens provides UV protection and will also protect the lens against grazes and scratches, as long as they aren’t impact type scratches or grazes. Dye i4 paintball mask review of lensWith UV protection on offer, you will most probably use your out of the box i4 lenses for a long time. Even when you do want to change out the lens, Dye gives you more than 20 different types of glassy, clear or mirrored type of lenses.

Another nice feature is called the scream venting feature. By designing the mouth of the mask with vents that are designed in a multi directional manner, your voice is able to be carried further than with other masks.

The multi-directional dual design also serves a dual purpose of heat and moisture dissipation. Even the hardest of breathing will only result in your exhaled air being pushed out, as opposed to pushed up into the mask, causing fog problems.

Dye i4 Scream Venting to carry voice and to dissipate heatIt is no surprise that these masks were and maybe still are the official masks for the Los Angeles Ironmen professional paintball team, one of the best teams on the West coast of the USA.

If you can’t afford the Dye Precision i5 or if you don’t need the i5’s ultra-cool features like built in camera mount, the GSR turn dial ratchet strap, or the e.VOKE wire free sound support compatibility, the i4 is a fantastic high end mask from a very recognized brand in Dye. You can buy it with confidence, especially if your paintball mask budget is in the $100 range. Amazon has fantastic deals on it and the last time we checked, it was a little under $110, a fantastic price for a such a high quality and high performance mask. Check it out on Amazon, here.