Dye Dam Assault Matrix Review

The Dye DAM Assault Matrix Best is considered to be the best tactical paintball marker out there. It is also the most powerful magazine fed paintball gun ever made.
The MOTHER of ALL Mag-Fed & Woodsball Paintball Guns that also Shoots First Strike Paintballs!

  • Environment – Woodsball / Tournament Specialized. But great for all other formats as well
  • Build – Steel / Composite (4.76 lbs without clips)
  • Battery – Replaceable and accessible in e-grip
  • Battery Capacity – 9 Volt
  • Board Type – DAM Circuit Board
  • Display – No
  • Caliber – .68 / First Strike
  • Stock barrel – 14′ Two-Piece Barrel (Ultra-Light)
  • Feeder – Compressed Air Only
  • Trigger Type – Competition Grade. Adjustable front and back travel
  • Firing Modes – Semi-Auto, Three Burst, Full-Auto & Programmable modes
  • Gun Length – 31 inches (adjustable) length can be shortened a LOT!
  • Max BPS – 33
  • Loader type – Dual stack Magazines (ambidextrous) included / Dye Box Rotor Dam (separate purchase)  Also takes top loader
  • Tank Capacity – 2 x Stock mag holds 20 paintballs (10 each). Upgrade to Dye Box Rotor increases capacity to 325!
  • Modability – Very High
  • Picatinny Rails – Over 2 Feet!
  • Playing level – Advanced
  • Accuracy level – Very High to Ultra High, with First Strike Paintballs
  • Recoil level – Low
  • Warranty – 1 Year on Marker / 6 Months on Solenoid and electronic components
  • Customer Service (Monday through Friday) – 858-536-5183 ext 277 (9 to 5 PM)

The Dye DAM is available in 4 colors and starts at $1499.95, at Amazon (prime).

Dye Dam Assault Matrix Likes

  • Switch between loader and magazine feed, with a flick of the On-The-Fly switch
  • Can shoot First Strike paintballs
  • Ambidextrous dual magazines with a generous 20 paintball total capacity
  • Competition grade adjustable trigger
  • Over 2 feet of Picatinny rails! Mods anyone???
  • Semi Auto, Three Round Burst & Full Auto Modes
  • Quick release bolt for easy maintenance, without requirement of tools
  • Hyper In-Line velocity adjustor
  • Gas through frame that eliminates air leaks
  • Sticky grips
  • Very air efficient, a necessity for woodsball play
  • Comes with a composite carrying case, to keep your marker protected

Dye Dam Assault Matrix Gripes

  • Only works with compressed air or Nitrogen air (HPA). DO NOT USE with Co2
  • Some air leak complaints (But this is due to user error – See section named (Must read before use section below)
  • Expensive at $1,499. Gets even more expensive when you get the rotor for another $399
  • A little heavy at almost 5 lbs, like most woodsball markers
  • Has a non-adjustable 10 minute auto-off which is annoying for woodsball (Workaround is to press a button once in a while!)

The Dye DAM is available in 4 colors and starts at $1499.95, at Amazon (prime).

***Must Read Before You Use the Dye Dam Assault Matrix***

The Dye Dam is a fantastic mag-fed paintball marker. Probably the best ever made. If you are considering a purchase and are skeptical only because you saw a few complaints of air leaks, you must know that the air leaks are because of user error.

People don’t read their user manual and end up connecting air systems that aren’t compatible with the Dye Dam.

Here are very, very important things to remember about air system connections.

  • Do not use Co2 air. Only compressed or nitrogen (HPA) air
  • Only use air systems with output air pressure 400 to 650 psi

If you ensure that you follow these two simple instructions, this marker is essentially faultless!

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s break down each of the features of the Dye Dam more.

The Dye DAM is available in 4 colors and starts at $1499.95, at Amazon (prime).

Dye Dam Assault Matrix Features Explained

Easy assembly

The Dye Dam is an advanced paintball marker. But, assembly isn’t advanced. Anyone can do it. First, you need to insert the battery into the e-grips. This is a tool-less job. You then attach the stock barrel.

Next, to install a hopper clamp, simply remove 4 screws located on the right side of the cover place with the provided Allen Wrench. Align the feedneck’s adaptor over the opening, reinsert screws and tight until snug. Do not over tighten. To insert magazines, simply slide magazines into the magazine cavity at the bottom-front portion of the gun. Press until you hear a click. To release, press the quick release button.

To connect air, turn the Airport knob to OFF. Screw in your air supply and turn Airport knob to On. You are ready to shoot!

Very High Accuracy

Just to give you an idea of the insane accuracy this gun can put out, here’s a grouping scenario. First first strike rounds shot with targets about 25 yards (75 feet) away, one can easily form a 3-inch grouping. With regular paint, accuracy obviously wanes a little but it definitely is still the most accurate magazine fed paintball marker out there. This grouping was attained with the stock barrel.

If you can invest in a performance barrel like the Hammerhead Scenario, both range and accuracy can be significantly enhanced.

The Dye DAM is available in 4 colors and starts at $1499.95, at Amazon (prime).

Easy Hopper / Magazine / Dye Rotor Switching

With the Dye Dam being able to shoot First Strike rounds from a magazine and also shoot from a connected hopper, you have tremendous ability to leverage both high accuracy or high volume firing modes, with a flick of a switch.

Save your First Strike rounds for those scenarios where you have to make your shots absolutely count and reserve your hopper fed shots for scenarios where volume trumps accuracy. The Dye Dam works like a charm to serve these two purposes, with a simple flick of a switch.

DAM Bolt – Easy cleaning & Maintenance

The Dye Dam firing bolt is incredibly easy to maintain. Unscrew and remove with just your hand, without tools, to clean and lubricate your firing bolt. Within a matter of minutes, you are good to go!The trademarked DAM bolt is what you pay good money for. To let it serve you for a long time, you must perform some regular maintenance on it. Thankfully, the tool-less maintenance will make your job very easy.

Dye has designed the bolt in such a way that it can be removed by hand. Basic maintenance will require you to simply wipe and clean all exposed surface areas of the bolt, removing dirt or broken paint. Do a quick check of the o-rings to see if they are all in order. Then, finally, use the Dye Slick Lube that comes with your gun to lube your firing bolt well. That’s it. Maintenance done, in all of a couple of minutes.

In-Line Velocity Adjustment with Hyper In-Line Regulator

Adjusting your Dye Dam's velocity is as easy as using an Allen Wrench to turn a screw in the clockwise or counterclockwise position. By default, the in-line regulator is set to operate at 150 psi and deliver a velocity of 285 feet per second. To adjust this velocity, simply use an Allen Key to turn the screw clockwise to decrease pressure and counterclockwise to increase pressure.

Dye advises that this regulator needs about 2,000 shots as a break in period to perform consistently, giving you exact control over your velocity. So, if your Dam is a little erratic with velocities to begin with, it just means it is breaking in.

The Dye DAM is available in 4 colors and starts at $1499.95, at Amazon (prime).

Programmable Board

The Dye Dam programmable board allows you to shoot in semi-auto, three burst or full auto modes. While semi-auto is not programmable, the other two modes are user-programmable. With just a push of a button, you can switch between semi-auto, three round burst and full auto. You also have the ability to program your own firing modes, even while in the middle of a game.

If a tournament requires a board lockout, you will have no problem doing exactly that with the Dye Dam.

The board doesn’t have a display but has LED lights that blink or burn in blue, red and green colors, with each color and blinking sequence meaning something. For example, a blinking red light means the eyes are turned off. A blinking green means that the eyes are dirty of have failed for some reason. A blinking blue light indicates a low battery. A green light means the Dam is ready to fire while a constant blue light means that the Dam is in boot sequence.

The board can also be used to adjust the following;

Trigger sensitivity: Adjust delay between trigger pulls (1-20 adjustments)

Dwell: Adjust activation time for solenoid (1-30 adjustments)

Rate of fire: Adjust BPS or balls per second (1 to 45 adjustments, from 9.8 to 33.33 balls per second)

Firing modes: Choose between three firing modes, two of which are programmable

Configuration lockout – Disables configuration mode to make the Dam tournament compliant

Anti chop eyes

The Dye DAM features self-cleaning anti-chop eyes that do a fantastic job of never breaking balls. Before every shot is fired, a beam of light is transmitted between the two eyes. If the two eyes can see the light at the same time, it means that a paintball has not been loaded into the breech properly. The gun won't fire when your eyes detect this.When you use high quality paint, the Dam will almost never break paint. Its advanced anti chop eyes do a fantastic job at preventing chops. The eyes on the Dam have a self-cleaning feature, with an O-ring passing through the eye pipe, cleaning it after every shot. In very rare circumstances, you might have to manually clean the eyes, if a paintball is chopped.

If you are in the middle of a game and the eyes get dirty, your Dam will automatically reduce the rate of fire to prevent chances of paint chopping. To ignore and bypass this, like when you are being ambushed, you can quickly turn off your eyes, to clean it later.

The Dye DAM is available in 4 colors and starts at $1499.95, at Amazon (prime).

Trigger Travel Adjustment

Both pull and over travel of the trigger can be adjusted on the Dye Dam, without removing the grip cover or the trigger case or housing.While trigger sensitivity can be adjusted with a board, trigger travel can be adjusted with some quick manual adjustments. Both forward and the over travel can be adjustted with an Allen Wrench provided for this purpose. To adjust, you just need to tighten or loosen a couple of screws. There is no need to remove the trigger frame or the grip covers.

Trigger Spring Adjustment

To adjust trigger spring tension, you will need to remove the e-grip cover. You can tighten the brass spring adjustment knob clockwise to reduce tension and counterclockwise to increase tension.

Battery Life

The included 9 V battery has quite a long life, lasting about 40,000 shots. Low battery is indicated by the board, allowing to quickly change it to help you get the most out of the Dye Dam.

The Dye DAM is available in 4 colors and starts at $1499.95, at Amazon (prime).