Best Popper Guns for Adults and Kids

Popper guns are all the rage right now. They are inexpensive, especially when you compare them to ridiculously priced nerf guns. They shoot soft foam balls. They don’t require any batteries. And they are a ton of fun to shoot!

If you are buying a popper gun, we have reviewed the best popper guns for you, out there on Amazon. The products we picked at Amazon are all a pair of best dual or paired popper guns. That’s because there’s no fun in shooting a popper gun all by yourself. You got to give it to someone else in the house as well! Let the popper battle begin!

Best Popper Guns for Adults and Kids

Hog Wild Atomic Power Popper 2 Player Kit

Best popper guns - Hog Wild for KidsLoad up to 8 soft popper balls and pump to shoot. Can travel as far as 20 feet. Great for indoor and outdoor play. The kit ships with 32 balls in total, meaning whoever is playing has 8 in the chamber and 8 as backup.Refill balls are sold separately and are very cheap. The popper balls come in 2 colors, allowing for convenient distribution to each player. Even a 4 year old can find the strength to cock the pump action driven loading mechanism.

Loads of fun. Safe play. Super cheap.

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NOVCOLXYA Popper Guns for Kids and Adults – Kit of 2

harmless poppper guns for kidsThe name might be a handful but these poppper guns are not! They are incredibly easy to operate. The pump is incredibly easy to load and you can shoot as fast as you can pump. The better you pump, the further the ball will go. Easily shoot distances of up to 20 feet with accuracy and as much as 30 feet if you want to take some long shots.

You get two brightly colored guns with 2 x 11 sets of brightly colored balls that are going to be so easy to find. Great for stress relief, recreation or just serious play time for kids aged 4 and up. Super brightly colored popper balls that are easy to find. Pump and shoot. The more you pump, the faster and further you can shoot.

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Exercise N Play 2 Piece Popper Gun Kit

Blast best popper guns from Exercise N PlayThe most serious looking popper guns of the lot, these popper guns from Exercise N Play are a serious contender for the top spot of best popper guns.

Like the other popper guns, this is a pull and shoot too. It can shoot foam balls up to 12 meters or well over 30 feet. These guns are 24 inches in length and are the longest guns in the list here. The extra length makes it great for ergonomics when you have to pull back to shoot. The only downside to this gun is that it only comes with 20 balls or poppers in total. You might want to throw in an extra purchase or two of additional popper balls, for some uninterrupted fun.

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