Best Paintball Players to Watch


If you’re looking to get started in the world of paintball, there are a few players that you should definitely watch. There are tons of talented players out there, but these ones are the cream of the crop. Here’s why:

Nicky Cuba

Nicky Cuba is the best paintball player to watch because he’s one of the first players to break out of the old school, conservative style of play. He is known for his style and flair in a sport that can be very bland.

Cuba was born on May 23rd, 1989 in Madison, Wisconsin. His parents were both from Chicago and met while attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison where they met each other. They got married after college and moved back home with an infant son named Nicholas David Leitzke (who would later take his stepfather’s last name).

Cuba grew up playing basketball with his friends until he began playing paintball at age 13 at an indoor field known as The Dungeon located near his home town in Illinois just outside Chicago city limits called Pro Sports Paintball Park South West Chicago – one of many fields around this area during its heyday between 2004-2011 when there were more than 100 fields within driving distance from downtown Chicago itself!

Alex Fraige

Alex Fraige is a professional paintball player who captained the Ironmen’s A-Team and currently captains their B-Team. He has been playing competitively for over 10 years and has been a member of the Ironmen since 2013, competing with them ever since.

His impressive career includes:

When he was just 15 years old he won the NXL World Cup Finals in 2005, becoming the youngest player to win a world championship title at that time.

In 2006 he repeated his success by winning another NXL World Cup Final title at 16 years old (again becoming the youngest player to win it).

In 2008 he won MVP honors at NXL Nationals while playing on Team Uprising (now known as Dynasty).

He won MVP honors again in 2009 while playing on Dynasty Xtreme, making him only one of two players ever to have won this award twice before turning 18 (the other being current teammate Jeremy Sorensen).

Pat Pignato

Pat Pignato is a professional paintball player who has been playing tournaments since 1993. He’s been competing in the PSP since 2006 and joined the Los Angeles Infamous team in 2010. In 2011, he won the PSP Gold Cup championship with Infamous, beating out other high-caliber teams such as Team Trilogy and San Diego Dynasty.

Pignato took part in his first International Paintball World Cup tournament at age 16 when he was still living in Brooklyn, New York. He went on to win five world cup titles between 1998 and 2004 before taking some time away from international competition to focus on local events like the Millennium Series (which he also won). Pignato returned to international play during this era by winning several XPSL Championship titles from 2003 through 2007.

Todd Martinez

Todd Martinez is a professional paintball player who plays for the Houston Heat. He has been playing professionally since 1996 and is considered one of the best players in the world. He has won many tournaments, including 7 World Championships and 8 PSP Championships. Todd has also been featured on ESPN’s World Series of Paintball and ABC’s Extreme Sports Showcase multiple times over his career as a professional paintball player.

Todd Martinez is an inspiration to young players around the world because he strives to be better every year and never gives up on his dreams no matter how difficult they may seem at times.

Tim Montressor

The only player with over one hundred tournament wins and an unprecedented eleven consecutive NXL rings (an accomplishment never before seen in professional sports), Tim “Red-Eyes” Montressor is a paintball legend. In addition to being the most decorated player of all time, his accolades include being the only person to ever win both the PSP (Pro Paintball Series) and NXL championship titles in the same year, as well as winning two World Cup Championships.

Tim’s dominance has made him one of the most popular players among audiences around the world—he even helped inspire Michael Bay’s Painball movie!

These are the best paintball players that you should watch if you want to get into the sport or just want to watch some incredible paintball matches.

If you want to get into the sport of paintball, here are some of the best paintball players in the world. These players are ranked #1 in their respective countries and have been competing for years to become as good at it as they are now. They’re considered the best in their field, so if you want to play like these guys someday (and who doesn’t?), watch them play and learn from what they do!


I hope that this article has helped you learn who some of the best paintball players are in the world. Remember, even though these are some of the best players in the world right now it doesn’t mean they will always be here so make sure that when playing paintball you give your best effort at all times so that one day people will say “You remind me of such and such player!”