Best Paintball Hauler – Top 3 Paintball Caddies to Buy

Stop dropping paint! It is messy, annoying and worst of all, expensive! If you are even half-serious about paintball, you need a paintball hauler. A paintball hauler is sometimes also called a paintball caddy. What it essentially does is hold up to 1,000 paintballs in a sturdy storage container that makes filling your hopper or your pods a breeze. Paintball haulers are also incredibly easy to load up with paint and also empty into pods and hoppers.

Also, keeping your paint in the bags that they came in is never a good idea. They roll around and are affected by impact damage and are also exposed to moisture and nature’s elements. Keeping them in a hauler instead will keep your paint safe, on the go, in storage or even during heavy paintball action!

Well, enough about the importance of paintball haulers. You just want to know which one to buy, right? Here’s your best buy out there!

1. The Valken Paintball Hauler

Holds: 1,000 Count Paintball

valken paintball hauler caddy

Color Options: Black, Clear, Olive & Smoke

 Top Mouth: Wide Snap On Lid (Tethered)

Feeder Mouth: Narrow Snap On Lid (Tethered)

Price: About $19 at Amazon

This is a nicely thought out Valken paintball hauler. The lid at the top snaps off and has a very large mouth. You can dump paintball bags into it in a hurry. It can easily accommodate 2 x 500 paintball bags and maybe hold a good hundred more. Fill it up and snap the top lid back on. When the time comes to reload your hopper or pod, just snap off the feeder lid and dump paint in a hurry, without spills. The feed rate is just enough to make loading paint super efficient and just slow enough to ensure you don’t drop paint!

Valken was thoughtful to tether both the top lid and the feeder lid with little plastic mold anchors so you never lose them when loading or filling in a hurry. The lids snap on very tight and don’t lose friction, even after thousands of uses. We have used one forever and it still makes that pop noise when we snap on or snap off the lid.

The handle is very ergonomically designed as well. Rather thinly made and long in length, it is perfect for a dexterous but secure grip that is required to load and feed paint.

We would recommend that you go for the clear paintball hauler. Black is also a very popular choice although you probably want to avoid black if you are going to leave your paint out in the sun or the trunk of your car. Black absorbs heat the most. Olive and smoke are good color choices too.

Buy the Valken Paintball Hauler from Amazon today, at just about $19.

2. GenX Global Paintball Hauler

Holds : 1,000 Count Paintball

Color Options: Smoke & White

Top Mouth: Wide Snap On Lid (Non-Tethered)

Feeder Mouth: Narrow Snap On Lid (Non-Tethered)

Price: About $13 at Amazon

The Gen X hauler is an excellent value for money purchase. At just $13, it is the cheapest paintball caddy out there. But, there is no compromise on quality. This hauler is made of sturdy plastic and the handle is again ergonomically designed. You are going to drop a paintball hauler many times and this can take a beating, despite being so affordably priced. Easily holding about 1,000 paintballs or half a case of paintballs, filling out this caddy is as easy as snapping off the top lid and emptying your bag in a matter of seconds.

One little drawback is that the lids do not come tethered which means that there is a chance you can lose them.

But, if you are not the type of person who would lose a lid, buy the Gen X paintball hauler with your eyes closed. If you do think you will lose the lid, go for the Valken paintball hauler discussed above as the lids in that hauler come tethered.

Buy the Gen X Paintball Caddy from Amazon, for just $13.

3. Valken Paintball Caddy by GXG

Holds : 1,000 Count Paintball

Valken GXG Paintball Caddy

Color Options: Black

Top Mouth: Wide Snap On Lid (Tethered)

Feeder Mouth: Narrow Snap On Lid (Tethered)

Price: About $21 at Amazon

This Valken paintball ball caddy is just as good as the two other haulers we talked about before. What makes this different is that it has a square footprint as opposed to a cylindrical footprint that the other two caddies have.

Some people like this hauler’s square setup as it allows them to store it better in their paintball kit bag or to tuck it away nicely in a corner in the boot of their car. It also looks cooler than the cylindrical haulers. But, that’s just our opinion.

The lids come tethered and you won’t lose them as a result. The dark black color looks fantastic and the handle is sturdy and so is the hauler in general.  We also felt that the square design made feeding balls into your hopper or pods slightly more efficient than when you were loading from a cylindrical hauler.

Buy the GXG Valken Paintball Hauler (Square Design) from Amazon, for just $21