Azodin Blitz 3 Vs Spyder Fenix – Paintball Marker Wars

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Azodin Blitz 3 Vs Kingman Spyder Fenix

Both the Blitz 3 and the Spyder Fenix allow you to compete with the big boys, without breaking your bank. While these guns obviously don’t go toe to toe with paintball markers that cost upwards of $300 or more, there’s excellent value for money on offer.

Both these paintball markers are reliable, shoot fast, very accurate and most importantly, very affordable, at a sub $175 price range. Whether you are looking for a robust gun to begin playing paintball or want a backup or loaner paintball gun, any one of these two guns will serve you well.

But, this post is about the Azodin Blitz 3 Vs Kingman Spyder Fenix. Let’s see how they compare to each other.

To begin with, Azodin is the better company of the two manufacturers. This is why you get a 1 year warranty with the Blitz 3 but none with the Spyder Fenix. Azodin is also a company that is generally known for its great customer service. They are responsive, helpful and genuinely interested in your satisfaction as a paying customer. Now, that’s not to say that Kingman, the manufacturer of the Spyder Fenix, is a bad company. It’s just that they don’t have the same reputation as a customer-focused company as Azodin does.

There’s a few aspects in which the Azodin Blitz 3 is simply better than the Spyder Fenix, at least on paper. . In firing modes, the Blitz 3 gives you PSP Ramp and one programmable mode while the Fenix is restricted to 3 firing modes, which are the usual semi-auto, ramp and M ramp.

When it comes to firing sound, the Blitz 3 is definitely louder than the Fenix. In other words, there’s a bigger chance that the Blitz 3 will blow your position more than the Fenix.

The Spyder Fenix has a distinct advantage when it comes to max BPS though. While the Blitz tops out at 20, the Fenix can output up to 25 BPS. If you wish to play speedball or are the type that rains paint, the Spyder Fenix might make more sense. Of course, regardless of which one of these two paintball markers you pick up, please note that you will need an electronic hopper to get these guns to max out their corresponding BPS figures. A gravity fed hopper isn’t going to cut it.

Another area where the Spyder Fenix triumphs is in the economy department. It’s more air friendly with its Eko Valve system. It’s also more consistent of the two when it comes to performance from a tank with low air pressure.

The Blitz 3 shoots accurately even with fairly ordinary paint. The Fenix is a bit more picky.

The triggers are very sensitive on both guns and you can get out a lot of volume from either one. The Spyder gives you more flexibility when it comes to trigger adjustments though.

Azodin Blitz 3 Vs Kingman Spyder Fenix – Conclusion?

They are both very comparable guns. The Blitz 3 is slightly more expensive than the Spyder Fenix (at least at the time of writing this post) but it gives you a few perks for that extra price. A nice warranty and a couple of extra firing modes more than the Spyder Fenix is what the Blitz 3 has going for itself, apart from the fact that it is a reliable gun from a very popular company.

The Fenix however offers a quieter shot, can shoot out 5 balls more than the Blitz 3 per second and is also slightly more economical and consistent when operating on low air pressure.

But, like we said before, both guns offer exceptional value with a price well south of $175. Picking up one of these two guns should be a pretty easy decision and will probably come down to your personal preferences more than anything!