Best Paintball Sniper Rifle in 2019 – Great Long Shot!

You don’t normally associate snipers with paintball. Most paintball players get a high from raining paint down on opponents, usually after an ambush. But then, there are those who use paint like gold, caressing the trigger only when they know they can absolutely make it count. There’s nothing more satisfying than a long range shot, from maybe 75 yards out, after factoring in arch, projectile shape and wind, and still nailing your unsuspecting opponent. If you are one of those meticulous and disciplined snipers, this post is dedicated to you, to help you find the best paintball sniper rifle out there.

Now, before we get started, please understand that there isn’t a lot of choices for out-of-the-box sniper rifles in paintball. We have reviewed the ready made ones out there. But, what we have also done is given you best paintball sniper rifle gun + barrel combination recommendations to help you mod out a regular paintball marker into a sniping beast. The best paintball snipers out there, (like Thehiddenhedgehog on YouTube) use everyday markers that are modded out with custom barrels and scopes! So, don’t think you are settling for anything substandard when buying one of these mix and match recommendations of ours!

Best Paintball Sniper Rifle in 2019: Our Top Picks

Wrek Paintall Project Salvo Sniper Package – Buy Now

This is a fantastic sniper package put together by Wrek. The paintball sniper gun used here is a Tipmann U.S. Army Project Salvo, a gun built in the style of the legendary AR 15. This very reliable and extremely durable gun features Tipmann’s very popular inline bolt system, an all aluminum receiver and a hardcore military look.

The stock on this gun is adjustable, a great feature for snipers. You can adjust the length of this sniper rifle with as many as 6 adjustments. The stock is entirely collapsible as well, if that’s what you prefer.

Where Wrek have excelled is how they have modded out this gun to cater to snipers. First, the gun’s stock barrel is replaced by a high performance 16′ barrel from J&J, arguably one of the best performance barrel manufacturers out there. The inner surface of J&J barrels are specially coated with high quality composites that encourage backspin, allowing paintballs to travel further and with minimum deviation. Lesser friction also means that the barrel puts out a very muffled firing noise, a great asset to a sniper whose hidden location is paramount to sniping success.

Wrek also understood that snipers need a raised riser rail for their optics and scopes, to allow snipers to lock in on their targets, despite wearing cumbersome paintball masks and also having to look down hoppers on top of their paintball sniper rifle.

Also included in this gun’s design is a very robustly built red dot sight. Wrek didn’t just put any red dot sight on this gun but chose a large tube style red dot sight. This will allow a sniper to better capture, calculate and only then snipe down their targets, after a lot of careful deliberation. The large viewing window is especially helpful for snipers who need space perspective around their targets, to account for windage, arch and other factors that make sniping a very technical type of shooting.

To top it all off, Wrek have included a sturdy metal bipod that will allow you to plonk down this sniper on any surface, giving you rock solid stability. The metal bipod is collapsible and can be folded away, if you need to rest your sniper rifle on rocks, a hedge or other uneven surface that snipers so often encounter while out on their lonely missions.

What’s Good

  • Super reliable and accurate Tippmann U.S. Project Salvo rifle
  • Fantastic performance 16′ J&J barrel for range and accuracy
  • Includes large tube red dot finder
  • Includes foldable metal bipod
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

What’s Bad

  • Hopper fed and not magazine fed

You can buy the ready to use Wrek paintball sniper from Amazon, for about $289. When bought separately, this modified U.S. Project Salvo gun with the mods will easily cost you in excess of $325. Buy buying the sniping package from Wrek, you save at least $50 and also have the convenience of buying a ready to shoot paintball sniper, right out of the box.

Tipmann Cronus Marker + 20′ Accurate Paintball Sniper Rifle (Best Cheap Paintball Sniper Rifle) – Buy Now

Ok, so this is the first of our gun + barrel combinations. The gun here is the ever-reliable Tipmann Cronus. Available in tan and olive colors, this marker from Tipmann will set you back just over $100 at Amazon. It features a high impact composite build, a mechanical single finger trigger, a semi-auto firing mode and a very high level of modability. The recoil on this gun is remarkably low, especially for the very modest price you pay.

Tipmann also gives you a very generous 2 years warranty on this gun, which just goes to show how much they stand behind their product. Maintenance of this gun is very, very simple, as it requires just the occasional oiling.

You can read our in depth review of the Tipmann Cronus here.

Now, coming to the barrel to convert this everyday shooter into a potent sniper, our choice here is the 20′ accurate sniper barrel from Paintball. This is a high quality tactical barrel made just for Tipmann and BT paintball guns. With a cool looking anodized finish, your Cronus’s stock range is essentially increased by at least 40%. Add in a scope and a red dot and you are looking to convert the modest Cronus into a medium to long range sniper rifle, capable of taking down targets even 60 yards away or more.

The barrel features a Vortex styled port that increases power while muffling the noise, giving you a dual advantage. At just 6.2 oz, it is unobtrusively light as well.

Tipmann Cronus Paintball Sniper Combo

Gun = Tipmann Cronus ($99)

Barrel = Paintball 20′ Sniper BarrelĀ  (+$39.95)

Suggested red dot sight = NcStar Red Dot Reflex Sight (+$12)

Suggested scope = Trinity Scope (+$39.95)

What’s good

  • Fantastic price for the sniper rifle and also for the entire sniping package
  • Cronus is super reliable
  • 2 year warranty on Cronus
  • Unlimited modifications possible

What’s bad

  • Only medium range sniping possible
  • Hopper fed and not magazine fed

Tippmann X7 Phenom + Tippmann Flatline Barrel (Longest Range Paintball Sniper Rifle) – Buy Now

The Tippmann X7 is a phenomenal gun. Available in both mechanical and electronic types, the Phenom boasts an impressive 150 yard range with just its stock barrel. Add the high performance Flatline barrel from Tippmann and you are easily looking at about 250 yards to take out a target.

We have written an in-depth review of the Tippmann X7 here.

Now, about the barrel. The Flatline barrel specifically designed for the X7 Phenom was specifically created to add at least 100 feet of range. This translates to about 30 extra yards to the 50 that the X7 can shoot with just a stock barrel.

Flatline barrels from Tipmann use patented technology that adds heavy backspin to paintballs as they leave the barrel. The result is paint holding more velocity and trajectory for longer, key requirements for sniper kills. Installing this sniper barrel is super easy, taking you all of a couple of minutes.

Tippmann X7 Phenom Sniper Combo

Gun = Tippmann X7 Phenom ($299)

Barrel = Tippmann X7 Flatline Barrel (+$49.95)

Suggested Red Dot Sight = Trinity Aluminum Reflex Red Dot Sight (+$24.95)

Suggested Scope = Trinity 4 x 32 MILDot Scope Sight (+$39.95)

What’s good

  • Remarkable gun in the X7 phenom
  • X7 is highly modifiable
  • 250 feet effective range

What’s bad

  • Moderately expensive
  • Barrel can break paint if gun isn’t maintained properly
  • Hopper fed and not magazine fed

Empire Paintball Pump Sniper Rifle (Pump Instead of Bolt Action Paintball Sniper Rifle) – Buy Now

This gun is a massive hit with paintball snipers out there. What most paintball snipers crave is a bolt action paintball sniper rifle that they can cock each time they take a very calculated shot. It gives snipers an euphoric feeling of making their precious shots count.

Unfortunately however, unless you have a heavily modded out gun that you have personally welded a bolt type cocking mechanism onto, a pump action sniper rifle is the closest thing you can settle for. And this Empire sniper rifle does that brilliantly. It also saves you a ton of paint. Unlike electronic markers that can have you spraying paint, a pump action paintball sniper rifle like this lets you earn your sniping credentials, while continuously honing your skills, each time you play with it.

This sniper rifle is so popular out there that Empire have released kits to change out the appearance of this rifle, since it comes only in a single black color. Despite a retro pump action type loading mechanism, this paintball sniper gun is a tournament pedigree rifle. It works on very low pressure and features a 2 piece 14′ barrel that puts out impressive and more importantly, accurate firing range.

It comes with three barrel inserts, supporting paintball with .675, .680 and .685 specs.

What’s good

  • Pump action resembles a bolt action paintball sniper rifle
  • Very, very accurate rifle, with excellent range
  • Barrel upgrades available

What’s bad

  • Not a true bred bolt action paintball sniper rifle
  • Hopper fed and not magazine fed
  • Slightly pricey at about $380

First Strike Tiberius Arms T 9.1 Sniper Rifle (Most Accurate & Longest Range Personal Sniper Rifle) – Buy Now

The Tiberius Arms T 9.1 is a roguish legend in the world of paintball sniping. What immediately sets it apart from all the other paintball sniper rifles discussed in this post is that the rifle can shoot first strike paintballs. In case you did not know, first strike paintballs are not fully spherical. They are rounded in the front while the rear is cylindrical. This aerodynamic shape gives them incredibly improved range and accuracy. Because they have to be loaded with the spherical direction facing front, they can only be magazine fed and not hopper fed. By the way, this gun shoots regular paintballs as well.

Most paintballers, especially paintball snipers who try First Strike paintball sniper rifles like the Tiberius 9.1 never go back to regular paint. Who can blame them? They are just phenomenally more accurate. If you can nail a target 5/10 times with regular paint, there’s a good chance that a gun like the Tiberius Arms 9.1 that can shoot First Strike paint can let you hit that same target 8 or 9 times out of ten.

Yes, that’s how accurate these rifles are, when firing First Strike paint. The rifle with the stock barrel costs about $340 and doesn’t include any extras. You will have to pick out scopes and sights separately.

This marker is mag fed, meaning you don’t have to deal with that ugly hopper that restricts your line of sight down the sights! You can also attach a hopper for regular paintball if you wish! But, nobody who buys the Tiberius T 9.1 ever uses a hopper as the magazine feed just gives them a great looking and also very functional and ergonomic sniping rifle.

This paintball sniper rifle can use 3 different types of air sources and the user can switch between mag-fed and hopper fed feeding with just a toggle of a switch.

What’s good

  • Super long range and super accurate (Thanks to First Strike Paint)
  • Mag-Fed and also hopper feed capable
  • Adjustable stock
  • Shroud rail allows for heavy modding

What’s bad

  • First Strike paint is a lot more expensive than regular paint
  • Requires a bit of careful maintenance if you don’t want to break balls

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